Case study: TUSA

Tourism Far North Queensland

TUSA is one of the dive and snorkel experience operators in Cairns owned by Entrada Travel Group. Every day, it takes visitors to the iconic Great Barrier Reef.

Their leased office in Cairns registered for the ecoBiz program to identify opportunities to reduce resource use and monitor resource consumption. It was recognised as an ecoBiz Star Partner for its efforts to minimise energy use.

Key initiatives to reduce energy use

  • Sources its energy from a 40kW solar system and makes sure the panels are regularly cleaned to maintain efficiency.
  • Uses efficient lighting in the building (28W T5 bulbs) and has removed unnecessary lights where natural light levels are sufficient.
  • The maintenance shed area has roller doors to allow natural ventilation and light.
  • Turned off the electric hot water system as it wasn’t being used.
  • The office printer is set on eco mode, and appliances are turned off when they’re not in use.