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Department of Environment and Science

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Department of Environment and Science


Bill introduced to Parliament to strengthen Reef protection laws

The Queensland Government has introduced a Bill to strengthen Reef protection laws. If you’re a commercial agricultural producer or industry regulated as an environmentally relevant activity within a Reef region, these changes may affect you.

Queensland Citizen Science Grants

Be a citizen scientist. Find out how you can apply for a grant for your science activity.

It’s now easier than ever to ‘Think outside’

Featuring a selection of amazing camping destinations, Life’s Best Moments takes the heavy lifting out of planning your camping trip.

Watch out for crocodiles and snakes in floodwaters

North Queenslanders are reminded that crocodiles and snakes may turn up in unexpected places as a result of rainfall and flooding.

Passage of the Mineral and Energy Resources (Financial Provisioning) Bill 2018

The Queensland Government has passed new laws that change the financial assurance arrangements for resource activities, and introduce new requirements for the planning and delivery of progressive rehabilitation of mined land.

2017 State of the Environment report

The new web-based report shows the status of Queensland’s environment across five key themes—biodiversity, heritage, pollution, climate and human settlements.

Developing Queensland’s new resource recovery and waste strategy

Read more about how the strategy will help transform Queensland’s recycling and waste management industry.

Department of Environment and Science

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