Case study: Sycamore Health

Energy Health South East Queensland (North)

Sycamore Health’s holistic approach to health includes caring about the health of our planet. They joined the ecoBiz program to find ways to reduce their energy, water and waste and have become a 2-Star Partner. Since their first coaching session in 2020, Sycamore Health has reduced its energy intensity by nearly 30% and has also implemented initiatives to reduce its water use.

Key initiatives to manage energy use

  • Installation of a 15kW rooftop solar PV system.
  • Energy-efficient LED lighting was already used. Daylight sensors were added on security lighting and a motion sensor in the toilet so that lights stay off when they are not needed.
  • Automation that turns off all TV, office equipment and lighting outside office hours to prevent unnecessary energy use.
  • Purchased more energy-efficient equipment (washing machine, clothes dryer and refrigerator).
  • Blinds on windows reduce the heat coming into the building.
  • Air conditioner temperatures are set as close to ambient temperature as possible while keeping it comfortable for their customers: consultation rooms are at 24°C, and the gym is around 21-22°C.
  • Air conditioners are serviced regularly, and filters are changed every three months to maintain their efficiency.

Key initiatives to reduce water use

Many health businesses saw a big increase in their water use to meet stringent health and safety guidelines imposed to reduce risks with COVID-19. Sycamore Health’s water efficiency was only slightly impacted by the additional washing required. They saved water by:

  • purchasing a water-efficient washing machine
  • replacing their kitchen and bathroom faucets with water-efficient alternatives
  • installing water-efficient, dual flush toilets.