Case study: Stanwell Hydrogen Project

Energy Manufacturing Resources Central Queensland

Government-owned corporation, Stanwell Corporation, is working with Iwatani Corporation of Japan to develop a significant green hydrogen export project. A land site west of Gladstone has been secured for the proposed 3-gigawatt hydrogen electrolysis production facility. At its peak, the proposed project would provide over 5,000 new jobs. The project would deliver $4.2 billion in hydrogen exports and $10 billion to Queensland’s Gross State Product over its 30-year life.

Hydrogen has been a key priority for Stanwell for some time, having undertaken a range of studies to understand the technical and commercial viability of green hydrogen projects.

In 2020, Stanwell conducted a feasibility study into a 10MW hydrogen demonstration plant at Stanwell Power Station. The study investigated the production of green hydrogen through electrolysis, which uses a renewable energy powered electrical current to split water and create hydrogen, with oxygen as the only by-product.

Through a concept study Stanwell also explored the potential for developing a large-scale green hydrogen industry in Central Queensland. The study found that Central Queensland’s high quality renewable energy resources, available land and water, and access to major port infrastructure make it an ideal location for establishing a large-scale hydrogen industry.