Case study: Small World Journeys

Built environment Transport Far North Queensland

Sustainability is at the heart of Small World Journeys’ operations. The team commit to reducing their resource use and making their community better. The tour operator became an ecoBiz Star Partner in 2018, a recognition of its efforts to limit energy use and waste.

Key initiatives to reduce waste

  • Signage to help office staff choose the right bins.
  • All organic waste is composted.
  • Printing is kept to an absolute minimum. Where required, both sides of the paper are used, and wastepaper is collected for recycling. Toners and cartridges are recycled at Officeworks.
  • Desk bins use newspaper rather than plastic bags.
  • They work with their suppliers to reduce or eliminate waste.
  • Containers are provided on tour to separate recyclable items, soft plastics and food waste and educate tour participants about waste sorting.
  • Aluminium water bottles and cloth shopping bag are provided to every customer, and meals are served using reusable plates and cups.
  • They are a drop off point for TerraCycle to return for recycling a range of items from their community.

Key initiatives to manage energy

  • The office is run on reusable energy by subscribing to 100% ‘Clean Energy’ through Ergon’s Clean Energy Program.
  • Their office and external security lighting use energy-efficient LEDs.
  • Computer monitors, laptops and other office equipment all have energy-saving mode set up and are switched off when they’re not in use.
  • Staff use push bikes or motorbikes to commute to work.