Case study: Scarborough Physiotherapy

Built environment Health South East Queensland (North)

Scarborough Physiotherapy is a boutique physiotherapy and multidisciplinary health care clinic on the Redcliffe Peninsula in Moreton Bay.

Since their first ecoBiz coaching session in 2018, they have implemented measures to reduce their energy use. In 2021, they were recognised as an ecoBiz Star Partner after reducing their energy use per employee by 58%.

Key initiatives to reduce energy use

The installation of an 18kW rooftop solar PV system is the main initiative that has helped Scarborough Physiotherapy reduce its energy bills.

They have additional measures in place to reduce energy use:

  • Installation of LED lighting.
  • Purchased an energy-efficient washer drier. On sunny days, they use a clothes horse rather than the dryer.
  • Air conditioners operate at 24°C and are regularly serviced.
  • The building windows have film or blinds to prevent heat ingress.
  • Staff use laptops that are more energy-efficient than desktop computers.
  • Staff turn off lights, equipment and the air conditioner when they are not needed and overnight.