Case study: Geebung Kindergarten and Preschool

Energy South East Queensland (North)

Since joining the ecoBiz program in 2018, Geebung Kindergarten has reduced its energy intensity by 11% and its water intensity by 37%. It is committed to using resources efficiently and has made sustainability a strong focus of the kindergarten’s education program.

Key initiatives to reduce water use

  • Rainwater is used for toilet flushing and garden irrigation.
  • Synthetic grass has been installed to reduce irrigation and maintenance.
  • Children are educated on how to avoid water waste when they flush the toilet and wash their hands.
  • Children bring their own reusable water bottles.
  • Children’s water play has been designed to minimise water waste. The water children pump into the dry creek bed comes from a rainwater tank. They also play with a water tray and bucket the water at the end of the day to reuse it in the garden.

Key initiatives to manage energy

  • The kindergarten sources renewable energy from its 1.5kW solar panel system.
  • Fluorescent lights with energy-efficient LED tubes.
  • Staff turn off lights when not needed.
  • Measures to reduce the use of air conditioning are in place:
  • awnings, verandas and curtains to prevent heat ingress
  • staff only turn on the air conditioning when children are in the building, and they make sure doors and windows are closed
  • air conditioning unit filters are cleaned and serviced regularly.