Case study: Ecotourism Australia

Built environment Tourism South East Queensland (North)

Ecotourism Australia helps tourism businesses and destinations improve their sustainability. The passionate team wants to walk the talk and has implemented measures to reduce its resource use, despite the challenges of operating from a leased shared office. During the assessment, ecoBiz noted Ecotourism Australia had excellent results in separating waste. They became a Star Partner in recognition of their efforts to limit the amount of waste their office sends to landfill.

Key initiatives to reduce waste

  • The waste station they installed in the shared kitchen has clear signage to help staff pick the right bin. To avoid contamination, the induction process for new staff and interns includes information about waste separation.
  • Staff regularly bring soft plastic to the RedCycle collection bin at the nearby supermarket. Bottles and cans are returned for recycling via the Containers for Change scheme.
  • Organic waste is taken home for composting by one of the employees.
  • KeepCups and reusable containers are available in the kitchen to reduce waste from takeaway orders.
  • Filtered water is stored in the fridge to avoid purchasing bottled water.
  • Electronic invoices and digital certificates have been introduced to reduce the amount of paper used. They purchase 100% recycled paper and recycle cartridges and toners.
  • Their green supplier policy supports purchasing eco-friendly products with minimal packaging and recycled materials (e.g. cleaning products and toilet paper).

They consider purchasing second-hand electronic equipment when available (e.g., monitors) and recycle e-waste.