Case study: CMBM Facility Services Pty Ltd

Built environment South East Queensland (South)

CMBM Facility Services provide expert cleaning, project management, building services, asset maintenance and grounds and facilities management for a range of industries.

CMBM Facility Services is ISO Certified in Quality, Safety and Environmental management systems. The company has been a part of the ecoBiz program since 2020 and recognised as a Star Partner.

Key initiatives to reduce energy use

  • About 70 lights in the office were upgraded from double fluorescent tubes to energy efficient single LED tubes.
  • Sensor lighting was installed in the amenities and kitchens.
  • Sensor operated chemical dispensers control use.
  • A GPS system is used to schedule cleaning and maintaining the car fleet (helping to minimise fuel consumption through efficient driving, logistics and job scheduling).

Key initiatives to reduce waste

  • Recycling bins in the office for cardboard and paper.
  • Recycling plastic bottles and cans and donating the proceeds to charity groups.
  • Recycling printer cartridges.
  • Cleaning chemicals have pump or water fed dispensers to regulate dispensing rates and provide product that is ready to use.
  • Continued commitment to reducing paper use, moving to more electronic systems and printing in black and white and double-sided
  • Trial of innovative ideas (e.g. bokashi compost bins) with a view to introducing these into the office for food waste.

Register now for ecoBiz: a free program funded by the Queensland Government and run by Business Chamber Queensland. ecoBiz helps Queensland businesses audit their resource use, understand their carbon emissions and reduce costs from waste, water and energy bills.

We strongly recommend ecoBiz because the audit and consultation provided us with a different perspective and resulted in some very worthwhile recommendations for change.

Ian Gardiner, CMBM Facility Services