Case study: Belgotex Fabrics

Manufacturing South East Queensland (South)

Belgotex Fabrics is a premier manufacturer of residential and commercial jacquard fabrics in Australia. It partners with leading textile wholesalers throughout Australasia and is proud to manufacture its fabrics in Brisbane, supporting local people and local skills.

Belgotex Fabrics is invested in providing customers with environmentally responsible fabric solutions. The ecoBiz 3-Star Partner has been involved in the program for over a decade. Its Green Team has been actively and consistently implementing a range of initiatives to reduce Belgotex Fabric’s impact on the environment. Environmentally-friendly yarns, energy-efficient lighting and solar power are just some of the ways the Green Team is making a long-term difference. Since 2008, they have reduced their energy intensity by 17% and water intensity by 10%.

Key initiatives to manage energy use

  • Renewable energy is sourced from their 100-kW solar power system.
  • Their warehouse is lit using an advanced energy-efficient lighting system with light sensors and movement detectors, so lights automatically turn off when not needed.

Key initiative to reduce water use

  • Warm-up and shut-down cycle times on their machinery have been reduced, saving both water and energy.

Key initiatives to reduce waste

  • Manufacturing changes to reduce material inputs have been implemented.
  • Rigid and soft plastics, cardboard and co-mingle items are recycled.
  • Waste that can be reused as a resource has been identified and they collaborate with local organisations to build a circular economy.
  • plastic waste drums are reused by White Ant Company.
  • fabric samples and offcuts are donated to charities, Reverse Garbage or used as mattress stuffing by Sealy.
  • timber pallets are reused by suppliers.