Case study: Barcaldine Cash for Containers

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The introduction of the Queensland Containers for Change program has been enthusiastically embraced by the Barcaldine region. This is a win – win – win situation with reduced waste, improved circular economy opportunities and locals receiving 10c per container and Barcaldine Aged Care benefiting from an additional 6c per container.

This has resulted in the avoidance of 1,238 cubic metres of waste to landfill avoided per year. The avoided waste is the equivalent of 10,400 wheelie bins full a year that are now recycled. Within seven months of starting the program Barcaldine Aged Care returned over 500,000 containers and raised $44,000.

This case study is part of a series of case studies that have been developed as part of the Queensland Communities in Transition project. It was prepared by The Ecoefficiency Group as part of the Clean Growth Choices Consortium with funding from Queensland Department of Environment and Science.