Case study: Annabel Trends

Built environment Energy Manufacturing South East Queensland (South)

Annabel Trends is a gift and homewares wholesaler in Burleigh Heads. It is a family company that makes and assembles giftware items at its factory, but most products are imported and repackaged in their large warehouse.

Annabel Trends is committed to sustainability by recycling, reducing and reusing materials across its supply chain.

Since joining the ecoBiz program in 2015, Annabel Trends have reduced their energy intensity by 28% and their water intensity by 66%.

Key initiatives to reduce energy use

  • Installation of a 20kW solar panel system in June 2015.
  • Energy-efficient lighting.
  • Automated security lights that are on a timer to only turn on at night-time. The timer is adjusted at different times of the year according to the daylight hours to maximise savings.
  • Zoned air conditioning so that areas not in use are not cooled.
  • Heated water on demand by using a power pack for hot water.

Key initiatives to reduce water use

  • Harvesting rainwater from a 15,000L water tank for toilets, cleaning, and gardens.
  • Water-efficient fittings and shower nozzles, and dual flush toilets.

Annabel Trends has found that ecoBiz helps to maintain their focus on recycling and reducing waste, core values for their business and staff. Ongoing initiatives are fostered and supported by ecoBiz, which they have found is a good source of intelligence and assistance in making their business operations as environmentally friendly as possible.