About climate action

Queenslanders are taking strong action on climate change

The Queensland Government has set bold but achievable targets for reducing our emissions while creating jobs.

We will deliver:

  • 50% renewable energy target by 2030
  • 30% emissions reduction below 2005 levels by 2030
  • zero net emissions by 2050.

Queensland has already achieved 20% of our renewable energy target by 2020.

We are almost halfway to reaching our 2030 emissions reduction target, having reduced emissions by 14% since 2005 based on the latest 2019 data. Queensland is also taking strong steps to ensure our communities and businesses are preparing for the risks of climate change. The Queensland Climate Adaptation Strategy (PDF, 2MB) was released in 2017 and supports climate adaptation.

More jobs in more industries

As part of the Queensland Government’s Economic Recovery Plan, we are investing in the projects and programs we need to create good, secure jobs and open up new industries, while reducing our emissions and meeting our targets.

The cornerstone of the 2021–22 Budget is a $2 billion investment in cheaper, cleaner energy through the Queensland Renewable Energy and Hydrogen Jobs Fund. This fund will serve as a catalyst for Queensland to seize major opportunities like renewable energy and hydrogen development, local manufacturing of in-demand clean technology and new economy minerals.

Together, we are delivering more jobs, in more industries.

About this website

This website showcases the significant climate action taken by the Queensland Government, along with case studies showcasing sustainable practices implemented by Queensland businesses and communities to build climate resilience and secure a more sustainable economic future. It also provides access to important resources that support ongoing action by industry and the community.

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Government, industry and the community are all in this together. Let’s take action on climate change, become more resilient and seize the opportunities of the low emissions future.

  • Queensland has a solid foundation of action on climate change, steadily built up over the past decade since Australia signed the Paris Agreement in 2015.

  • The Queensland Government is taking strong action on climate change and is investing in projects that are delivering results for Queenslanders.

  • Find out how the Queensland Government is committed to reducing emissions and achieving our targets through cost-effective and innovative action.

  • The Queensland Government is committed to working closely with communities, industry and local governments across different regions and sectors to strengthen their resilience and support their decision making.