Queensland Youth Week communication resources

Communication resources are available to help celebrate and promote Queensland Youth Week 2023 amongst your networks. Download the following files for use across a variety of platforms and channels.


Download posters for use:

Follow the below instructions to upload a photo to the poster frame:

  1. Open document.
  2. Click on Header under the Insert menu.
  3. Select Edit Header from the bottom of the dropdown menu.
  4. Select picture to be changed by clicking on it.
  5. Under the Picture Format menu, select Change picture, then select From a file
  6. Choose your picture from its file location and click Insert
  7. In the Header & Footer menu click Close Header and Footer
  8. Your inserted image will appear paler than it will be upon printing. Alternatively save the file as a pdf, the new pdf file will show the image in full colour.

Flyer template

Download the template or background image to create your own flyer:

Social media tiles

Download tiles for use on your social media account, website or newsletter:

Email signatures

Download email signature image to add to your email correspondence:

Desktop or Teams background

Download desktop, Teams or Zoom background for use:

Contact us

If you have any questions about the Queensland Youth Week communication resources, please contact us at qyw@des.qld.gov.au.