Queensland University of Technology

Queensland University of Technology (QUT) was awarded $200,000 in grant funding as part of the Queensland Government Youth Research Grants to help stimulate interest in research that reflects the needs and views of young Queenslanders.

Eighty young people have delivered 5 research projects on the topic of future foods.

Future foods

Immersive Future Food Learning Experience (IFFLE)

When it comes to food production, ‘business as usual’ is no longer an option. IFFLE supports STEM education through unique future food learning experiences utilising virtual reality lab simulations. The virtual lab is the interface for scientific study and practice, linking school curriculum to real research and development, not only in the classroom but for remote education. IFFLE endeavours to foster interest in future food production through immersive and engaging learning experiences, nurturing the skills that will leave the next generation well equipped to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing global food production.

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Digital Deli

Digital Deli is a product that provides customisable entertainment boxes and packages with a wide variety of tasty, sustainable and cruelty-free alt deli foods. It aims to make non-meat alternative foods the number one choice in every home by providing this gourmet product with the traditional deli experience.

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Food Valuator

Many shoppers are hesitant about the quality and taste of alternative protein products, so they make a purchase as a ‘one-off’ and it fails to meet their expectations. Food Valuator is a mobile application that provides trustworthy ratings and reviews for many alternate protein-based products in Australia.

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Meating Culture

This project aimed to address the lack of consumer trust over plant-based protein products by supporting them to make it themselves. The Mini Myco allows consumers to produce their own fungus-based protein in a fully controlled environment in the comfort of their own home, including tempeh, mycoprotein and mushrooms.

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The global supply of meat alternative food projects is increasing, but there is a gap between supply and consumers’ willingness to purchase and eat them. This could be due to consumer habits and stereotypes that people hold about plant-based alternatives. IVEGAME is a game that aims to address this. It has three modes:

  1. the faming mode: allows users to cultivate their own products and understand the ingredients
  2. the processing mode: makes meat from the ingredients they grew
  3. the cooking mode: makes their own foods based on recipes.

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