James Cook University

James Cook University (JCU) was awarded $200,000 in grant funding as part of the Queensland Government Youth Research Grants to help stimulate interest in research that reflects the needs and views of young Queenslanders.

Twenty young people have delivered a research project comprising artworks that represent experiences and challenges of living in North Queensland.

Sustainable communities

Big ideas and challenges

JCU held a two-stage program, called “Big Ideas & Challenges,” which began with the North Queensland Futures Youth Forum in February. The forum aimed to engage JCU students aged 17-24, enrolled in various courses and living in the region. It encouraged them to identify the major challenges and problems facing North Queensland and suggest solutions to them. Local artists facilitated Art Make-a-thons to support students in expressing their thoughts and experiences through art, culminating in a display of student work in Townsville and Cairns. The artworks represent the students' perspectives on North Queensland's major challenges and its future.

For more information, contact Hallam Stevens by emailing hallam.stevens@jcu.edu.au.