Muscle camp

Monday 12 Apr

Organised by Carpe Diem Personal Training

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Monday 12 April 2021, 5pm–6pm
Carpe Diem Personal training studio
Lawnton QLD 4500
Bookings required
Bradley Williams
Phone: 0437 541 728
Venue access
Wheelchair access without assistance

Are you keen to get your kids off their phones, Fortnite etc and have them start working on their confidence, health and self esteem in a positive and safe environment?

I am looking to help teenagers (13-19) like I have helped my own teens and many others build their self esteem and confidence in the gym through education of proper technique, basic nutrition and structured workouts over a 12 week period.

Each week we will focus on a different lift and delve into the simple science behind why they’re doing it, how it works and how to do it safely.

There will also be a big focus on mindset, nutrition thanks to our sponsor Nutrition Warehouse Strathpine and discipline, dispelling any gym myths and half truths they’ve learnt along the way.

If this sounds like a great idea to you but you don’t have a young teens of your own, please share this with anyone who could benefit.

Let’s keep these kids safe and give them a long life of healthy living through education!

There are limited spots available in each group which will fill fast. If you’re interested please email me so we can get you signed up asap. - Brad. W


  • MONDAYS 5-5.30PM
  • TUESDAYS 5.30-6PM
  • THURSDAY 4.30-5PM
  • FRIDAY 4.30-5PM

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