Youth leadership programs

The Queensland Youth Strategy commits to creating opportunities for young people to have a say and participate in the decision making process on matters that affect their lives.

Central to this commitment is supporting Queensland’s young people to build their capacity to take these opportunities in both hands.

As part of this, we deliver 2 cornerstone programs specifically developed to build and enhance the leadership skills and confidence of young people, so they can focus their passions to make positive contributions to our society.

The Queensland Indigenous Youth Leadership Program

Each year, 40 young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders people aged 18 to 25 years, from right across the state of Queensland, come together to make change happen, whether it be for themselves, their families or their community as a whole.

The Queensland Indigenous Youth Leadership Program provides a safe and supportive environment and is specifically tailored to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Queenslanders to share their stories and develop their leadership and self-development skills, providing participants with the essential tools to develop and lead their own community projects to help resolve their community issues.

Participants network with, and are championed by, Elders and other prominent members of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, Members of Parliament, Directors-General and their departments, and champions from both the public and private sector.

In past years, the program has been proudly sponsored by Glencore Coal Assets Australia.

It culminates in the 1-day Eric Deeral Indigenous Youth Parliament facilitated by Queensland Parliamentary Services.

YMCA Queensland Youth Parliament

The Queensland Government is a proud supporter of the YMCA Queensland Youth Parliament educational program developed and run by YMCA Brisbane.

The program allows 93 young people aged 15 to 25 from across the state, each representing one of Queensland’s state electorates to learn about leadership and parliamentary process. The Youth Parliament culminates in a mock debate on Youth Bills written over the 5 month course of the program within the chambers of the Parliament of Queensland.

Funding provided by the Queensland Government ensures that a past participant of the Queensland Youth Parliament is employed to coordinate the program and that the voices of young Indigenous Queenslanders are included.