Queensland Youth Strategy

The Queensland Youth Strategy (PDF, 2.8MB) (Queensland Youth Strategy (DOCX, 52.2KB) ) (QYS) sets the vision for young people to actively contribute to Queensland's economic, civic and cultural life.

More than 1,200 young people from across the state were involved in helping us shape the vision and priorities in the strategy.

Shaped around 4 Building Blocks, and with an overarching commitment to listen to the voices of young people, we are supporting young people to:

  • have a voice and participate in government decision-making (giving young people a voice)
  • actively participate and contribute to Queensland’s future, irrespective of their circumstances, gender, ethnicity, age or religion (Building Block 1—Supporting our most vulnerable young people)
  • secure safe, stable and affordable housing options (Building Block 2—Housing)
  • build healthy, active, strong and resilient futures (Building Block 3—Healthy futures)
  • gain the knowledge and skills needed to prepare for a future job market (Building Block 4—Educating into Employment).

Through the QYS, the Queensland Government is committed to meaningful and purposeful engagement with young people to hear their voices and actively involve them in shaping policies, programs, and services.

Queensland’s young people play a significant role in shaping our future, and we will continue to provide opportunities to ensure their voices and ideas are heard and valued in responding to important matters that impact them.

The current version of the Queensland Youth Strategy was published in 2017. The vision, priorities and overarching direction set by the QYS remain relevant. A refresh to reflect changes to departmental responsibilities and machinery-of-government changes is underway.

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