As stewards of our state’s environment, the Department of Environment and Science plays a leading role in protecting and managing the diverse natural and cultural assets that make Queensland unique.

From our policies and programs to our partnerships and research, our work is vital to delivering better environmental outcomes. This, in turn, supports the health, wellbeing and way of life that Queenslanders cherish and contributes to our continued economic prosperity.

The department’s 2022–23 operating and capital budget of $801 million will enable us to continue existing and undertake new actions for the environment, science, heritage and youth.

Key initiatives

Delivering environmental protections

  • $964.2m over five years, as part of the ten-year $2.1 billion Waste Package, to transform Queensland’s waste and resource recovery industry and drive the transition to a zero waste society
  • $32.6m over four years, including an annual ongoing commitment of $4.8 million, to enhance climate science and emissions modelling capability and deliver a program to support communities to reduce emissions

Protecting, promoting and restoring national parks and protected areas

Conserving and restoring Queensland’s unique biodiversity and wildlife

  • $14.7m over four years and $1 million per annum ongoing to enhance Queensland’s protection and recovery of threatened species including the assessment, protection and recovery of species most at risk of extinction
  • $24.6m over four years and $1 million per annum ongoing to extend and accelerate implementation of the South East Queensland Koala Conservation Strategy 2020–2025 including increased support for the South-East Queensland Wildlife Hospital Network

Capital program highlights