Information for employees

Extreme weather events, natural disasters, and other business disruptions

The safety and welfare of employees are the highest priority for the department at all times.

This page has been established to provide employees with information during, and immediately following, an extreme weather event or natural disaster, or other business disruption.

Please note the web address of this page——and record it for safekeeping.

Visit this page as your first point of contact during a disaster situation to find out:

  • information for the safety, security and welfare of employees
  • information on steps being taken to ensure business continuity and service provisions for departmental customers.

Queensland bushfires

Activation of Critical Incident Entitlements and Conditions Directive (06/16)

Declarations have been made in connection with the current bushfire event and the Critical Incident Entitlements and Conditions (Directive 06/16) applies in accordance with clause 7.1(b) as follows:

  • from 9:36pm on 6 September 2019 for the emergency situation declared by the Queensland Police Service under the Public Safety Preservation Act 1986 for Stanthorpe specifically the area bounded by Cannon Creek Road, Bamberry Road, Donnelly Castle Road, New England Highway, Dalcouth Road, Sugarloaf Road and Hale Haven Drive
  • from 5:25pm on 7 September 2019 for the disaster situation declared by the Minister for Fire and Emergency Services under the Disaster Management Act 2003 for the Local Government Area of Scenic Rim Regional Council.

Leave entitlements and conditions for employees employed in areas affected by the bushfires

  • Employees may apply to access paid discretionary leave under clause eight of the Special Leave (Directive 05/17) .  Discretionary leave can be granted for up to five days per year per reason but can be extended.  Should employees wish to apply for this leave, they will need to speak to their manager in the first instance to discuss their individual circumstances.
  • The Department of Communities, Disability Services and Seniors (DCDSS) coordinates Community Recovery services to assist disaster-affected people, including emotional support and financial assistance.  Information on these services can be found on or by downloading the Self Recovery App.
  • Affected employees and their families may also access the department’s Employee Assistance Program for free confidential counselling.  If employees or their families wish to access this service, please contact Benestar on 1300 360 364.

Engaged in critical incident responses as part of their duties

  • Where employees are engaged in critical incident responses as part of their duties, the Critical Incident Entitlements and Conditions (Directive 06/16) prescribes the entitlements and conditions for public service employees (this includes all DES employees, including Wildlife Officers and Rangers) in critical incident circumstances that are not normally available to employees (e.g. overtime payments for employees in receipt of wages that exceed AO5(4)).

Engaged in critical incident responses, under the direction of DCDSS to assist with community recovery

Those directed to assist in an emergency or disaster situation (ie. as a member of the State Emergency Service)

  • Employees who have been directed to assist in an emergency or disaster situation in accordance with the Public Safety Preservation Act 1986 or the Disaster Management Act 2003 have access to non-discretionary leave under the Special Leave (Directive 05/17).

For further information or any queries, please contact your divisional HR support or Workforce Relations and Integrity at

Stay up to date

Stay up to date with latest information on the weather event.

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