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Department of Environment and Science

Queensland Government

Department of Environment and Science

As a result of recent machinery-of-government changes, you may be temporarily redirected to the websites of former departments when searching for information.

Science sectors


Advanced manufacturing

Robotics, new materials and nanotechnology.


Spans the health and medical, agricultural, environmental and industrial sectors.

Defence, aviation and space

An aviation and aerospace research hub of the Asia-Pacific.


Managing power generation and demand, renewables and clean energy.


Solving problems from biomedical to chemical, environmental to mechanical.

Environment and nature

Big issues: reef and climate, flora and fauna, air and water, land and catchment management.

Food and agriculture

Food security and quality, crop development and pest management.

Health and medical

From 'bench to bedside': breakthroughs in medical research and care.

ICT and multimedia

Information security, 3D animation and printing and managing big data.

Life sciences

Queensland has a thriving, globally competitive life sciences sector.

Mining and resources

Responses to global challenges using robotics, satellite imaging and 3D.

Social sciences

Understanding and influencing human behaviour and our impact.


Research innovative, practical to transport planning, management and use.


Leader in tropical research: health, environment, crops, biocommodities.

Last updated
22 May 2018