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Department of Environment and Science

Queensland Government

Department of Environment and Science

Lists and registers

Public registers maintained by the department, which are are generally created and maintained under statute, include the following:

Registers maintained under the Environmental Protection Act 1994

  • Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) register
  • Environmental Management and Contaminated Land registers
    Details of land that has been used for a notifiable activity or contaminated by a hazardous contaminant.
  • Environmental Authorities register
    Details about licences (environmental authorities) issued for resource activities (mining and petroleum and gas) and prescribed activities issued under the Environmental Protection Act 1994.
  • Enforcement register
    Details of enforcement actions including environmental protection orders, environmental evaluations, direction notices, clean-up notices and cost-recovery notices.

Searching the registers

You can search:

Registers maintained under the Nature Conservation Act 1992

  • Estate Register
    Information on protected areas gazetted under the Act, including current and historic records.
  • Protected Area Management Plan Register
    Approved management plans prepared after the dedication of a national park (scientific), a national park, a national park (recovery), a conservation park or a resources reserve, or after the declaration of a nature refuge, a coordinated conservation or a wilderness area.

Searching the registers

You can search these registers at business centres after paying the prescribed fee.

Other registers

  • Queensland Heritage Register
    A list of places, trees, natural formations, and buildings of cultural heritage significance. Once a place is entered in the register, the Queensland Heritage Council must assess any changes to be made to it.
    Summary information on some places in the Queensland Heritage Register.
  • Search the register
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30 October 2018