Sale of seized cattle from Olkola and Alwal National Parks (Cape York Peninsula Aboriginal Land)

19 September 2022
Queensland parks and wildlife
Public notification
Tropical North Queensland

QPWS Northern Region has recently implemented a seizure of stray cattle on Olkola and Alwal NPS (CYPAL). Olkola Aboriginal Corporation have applied for a permit to muster unclaimed stray stock remaining on the parks after neighbours have mustered their stock. In accordance with the Nature Conservation Act (Protected Areas Management) Regulations 2017, QPWS must publish a notice advising of the sale (see relevant section below). The seized cattle cannot be sold within 20 business days of this notice being published.

This notice is published pursuant to section 159AH of the Nature Conservation (Protected Areas Management) Regulation 2017 (Qld) (NCPAMR).

The chief executive will sell any unclaimed seized stock (cattle) from Olkola National Park (Cape York Peninsula Aboriginal Land)) and Alwal National Park (Cape York Peninsula Aboriginal Land) that was not claimed during the two week claim period under the NCPAMR.

The unclaimed seized stock will be sold by a registered stock agent at the Mareeba Saleyards between 15 September and 31 December 2022. Enquiries can be directed to the Assistant Principal Ranger (Natural Resource Management) on (07) 4222 5344 or via email at