Public notice of revocation proposals pursuant to section 30 and 32 of the Nature Conservation Act 1992

7 October 2022
Queensland parks and wildlife
Public notice and consultation

Section 30 and 32 Nature Conservation Act 1992 Revocation Proposals – public notice pursuant to Section 173Q of the Nature Conservation Act 1992, and seeking views in consideration of the Human Rights Act 2019, including Aboriginal peoples’ and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ cultural rights.

The Department of Environment and Science gives notice of the proposed amendments:

  • Revoke an area of about 92.13 hectares from Oakview State Forest described as part of lot 220 on plan FTY1774 (to be described as lots 216 and 217 on AP23760), to be dedicated as an addition to Oakview National Park, about 35km west of Gympie within the locality of Oakview.
  • Revoke an area of 0.1187 hectares from Mount Etna Caves National Park described as part of lot 117 on NPW821 (to be described as lots 5 to 7 on SP325486), about 25km north of Rockhampton within the locality of The Caves.
  • Revoke an area of 1.223 hectares from Tuchekoi National Park described as lot 1 on AP19201 (to be described as lot 3 on SP325683), about 8km north-west of Cooroy within the locality of Pomona.

Comment regarding the proposed protected areas must be in writing and directed to or the Department of Environment and Science, Tenure Services, PO Box 15187, City East, QLD, 4002.

Comments received by 7 October 2022 will be considered by the chief executive, Jamie Merrick, Director-General.

Amendments to the QPWS Estate Nature Conservation (Protected Areas) Regulation 1994 are administered by the Department of Environment and Science.