Proposed Surat Basin Carbon Capture and Storage Project—Environmental Impact Statement

23 February 2023 11.59pm
Environmental licensing and regulation
Public notice and consultation

Carbon Transport and Storage Corporation (CTSCo) Pty Limited proposes to develop a trial carbon capture and storage project over seven years to demonstrate the effective permanent storage of captured carbon dioxide within an area covered by greenhouse gas exploration permit EPQ10, near Moonie in southern Queensland.

Department of Environment and Science

Public Notice

Environmental Protection Act 1994 (EP Act) – Sections 51 and 52

Notice of Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)

Proposed Surat Basin Carbon Capture and Storage Project

An EIS for the proposed Surat Basin Carbon Capture and Storage Project has been prepared by Carbon Transport and Storage Corporation (CTSCo) Pty Limited. The Project is seeking to conduct greenhouse gas (GHG) (predominately carbon dioxide (CO2)) storage injection testing and would be located approximately 44 kilometres (km) south-west of Moonie, Queensland. The project covers a disturbance area of approximately 13.6 hectares of 1,079 hectares of operational lands within GHG exploration tenement EPQ10.

The project will involve injection testing of up to 110,000 tonnes of GHG stream (CO2) per year for up to three (3) years, totalling 330,000 tonnes. The project will include transport of the GHG stream by truck along 260km of existing local and State controlled roads from Millmerran Power Station to the site, approximately 640m of road improvements to Harts Road, a Transportation Facility, 9.5km of flowline, an injection well and associated monitoring infrastructure. The project’s expected life is seven (7) years, including construction, operation, monitoring, and rehabilitation.

Environmental Protection Act 1994 (Queensland)

Application was made by the proponent under section 73A of the Environmental Protection Act 1994 (EP Act) for whether an EIS would be required for amendment to the existing environmental authority for the Surat Basin Carbon Capture and Storage Project. Under section 73C of the EP Act it was determined that assessment of the Surat Basin Carbon Capture and Storage Project would be by EIS.

The EIS can also be viewed on the CTSCo website at Electronic copies can be ordered by phoning the proponent on 1300 119 786 or emailing

Written submissions in relation to the EIS are invited from any person within the submission period. The submission period commences on 5 December 2022 and concludes on 23 February 2023.

See more information about the Surat Basin Carbon Capture and Storage Project on the Queensland Government website.

Submissions should be addressed to:

The Chief Executive
Department of Environment and Science
Attention: The EIS Coordinator (Surat Basin Carbon Capture and Storage Project)
GPO Box 2454, Brisbane QLD 4001
Or by email to

A properly made submission is one that:

  • is written
  • is signed by or for each person (“signatory”) who made the submission
  • states the name and address of each signatory
  • is made to the chief executive
  • is received on or before the last day of the submission period.

For further information regarding the EIS process for this proposal, contact the EIS coordinator Surat Basin Carbon Capture and Storage Project on 13 QGOV (13 74 68) or email

Privacy statement

Please note it is a statutory requirement that all submissions (including names and addresses) will be provided to the proponent as required under section 56 of the EP Act, so that they may consider them and provide a response to the department. This consultation is a public process, and any submission you provide may be published (including online) and may be transmitted outside of Australia. You may wish to bear this in mind when providing your submission. Your information will not be disclosed by the department to any other parties unless authorised or required by law.