Wongari incident on K’gari – update

Issued: 17 Jul 2023

Rangers are investigating a wongari incident on K’gari that left a 23-year-old woman with serious injuries to her legs and arms.

It’s believed the woman was jogging near Orchid Beach around 9am this morning when she was surrounded by four wongari and chased into the ocean.

Three wongari attacked the woman in the ocean. Two men in a four-wheel-drive utility noticed the incident and rushed into the ocean to assist the woman.

They placed the woman into the back of the utility and headed to Orchid Beach fenced area.

At Orchid Beach, first aid was applied to the woman’s injuries. One of the men received an injury to his hand while providing assistance to the woman.

The woman has been flown from the island to Hervey Bay Hospital.

The Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) extends our sympathies to the woman and her family and friends, and wishes her a speedy recovery.

QPWS rangers will conduct further investigations to identify the wongari responsible for the incident. It is understood that one of the animals involved was a collared wongari.

Future management decisions will be made once the information has been reviewed and the investigation is complete.

Rangers will continue to track the collared wongari, increase patrols around the Orchid Beach area, and provide Be Dingo-safe! messaging to campers.

People are reminded that they are responsible for their own safety, and the safety of their family on K’gari.

Residents and visitors to the island are advised to Be Dingo-safe! all times.

  • Always stay close (within arm’s reach) of children and young teenagers
  • Always walk in groups
  • Camp in fenced areas where possible
  • Do not run. Running or jogging can trigger a negative dingo interaction
  • Never feed dingoes
  • Lock up food stores and iceboxes (even on a boat)
  • Never store food or food containers in tents, and
  • Secure all rubbish, fish and bait.

For more information go to Fraser Island dingoes.