Domestic dogs do not belong on K'gari

Issued: 8 Mar 2023

The owner of this white dog was fined $143 in February.

These two men fled the island before they could be fined.

One person has been fined and others have fled in vessels after rangers intercepted them on K’gari (Fraser Island) with their domestic dogs.

Acting Senior Ranger Linda Behrendorff said the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) and the Butchulla Aboriginal Corporation take a zero-tolerance approach to people who choose to break the rules.

“The safety of our staff and visitors to K’gari is our number one priority, and rangers make no apology for holding people to account who bring their dogs onto the island,” Ms Behrendorff said.

“Since 2015, QPWS rangers have issued 20 on-the-spot Penalty Infringement Notices to visitors who have broken the no dog rules.

“In 1991, QPWS banned domestic dogs from the World Heritage area, and the Fraser Coast Regional Council supported QPWS by banning dogs in residential areas.

“These bans were implemented to protect the wongari (dingo) population from diseases and viruses, and also to protect domestic dogs from being attacked.

“This is not a recent change in legislation, and rangers are frustrated each time a person unlawfully brings a dog onto the island.

“The person who received the recent fine advised rangers that their animal was a ‘comfort dog’ which is not a category of animal permitted on the island.

The only dogs that can be brought onto K’gari are certified support dogs or assistance animals, and they must wear an identifying coat or harness and have the approved badge or tag.

Certified support dogs must also be kept on a lead at all times. Owners must have the authorised paperwork.

“As for the people who brought dogs onto the island and fled before being fined, it was clear to rangers that they knew they were breaking the rules.

“Visitors should be aware that K’gari is considered a high-risk area for domestic dogs due to the presence of wongari.”

Anyone with information about people who bring dogs or other domesticated pets to K’gari is encouraged to email or phone (07) 4127 9150.