Crackdown on illegally dumped waste – Townsville

Issued: 16 Feb 2023

Photo of a dumped burnt car in Townsville which the Police are investigating.Open larger image

Police are investigating the dumping or burning of a car in Townsville.

Photo of dumped asbestos fencing in Townsville which is being investigated.Open larger image

The dumping of asbestos fencing in Townsville is being investigated.

Fresh investigations into illegal dumping in the Townsville region have been launched following the recent discovery of asbestos sheeting, household items, a burnt-out car and a pig carcass in bushland at the Pinnacles Reserve and at the Townsville Port Access Reserve.

The Department of Environment and Science is working closely with the Townsville City Council and police to find the alleged perpetrators.

Senior Conservation Officer Craig Dunk investigates illegally dumped waste in the Townsville region and described the alleged offenders as environmental thugs.

“Illegally dumped waste negatively impacts on the cultural and natural values of our national parks, State forests and reserves, and is a fire hazard, a pollution hazard and can cause injuries to people and wildlife,” Mr Dunk said.

“There is no excuse for illegally dumping asbestos fencing, which is potentially deadly to unsuspecting people who come into contact with it.

“The fencing is in a tidal area, and we are going to engage a licenced asbestos removalist to clean up the old fencing and dispose of it lawfully.

“Anyone with information about the asbestos fencing is encouraged to contact the department, and we’re hoping to hear from people who may have noticed an asbestos fence being removed recently.

“Rangers from the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service, along with Phil’s Bush Clean Up and council officers continue to tidy up other people’s rubbish.

“The disappointing thing is much of this waste would fit in wheelie bins, and the council runs several waste facilities in the region.

“People have obviously dumped rubbish to avoid paying the waste disposal fee. We are investigating the illegal dumping and will issue Penalty Infringement Notices to those responsible.”

Mr Dunk said six Penalty Infringement Notices had been issued recently for illegal dumping in the Townsville region, and the department would not hesitate to issue more.

“The Townsville community has made it clear to us that illegal dumping is not acceptable, and we make no apologies when we issue PINs,” he said.

“The department would like to thank members of the public who provide information about people who are allegedly responsible for illegal dumping.

“As the environmental regulator, we have a zero tolerance to illegally dumped waste and we will continue to take strong enforcement action, including court prosecutions.”

Anyone with information about illegally dumped waste in the Townsville region is encouraged to call the department on the Pollution Hotline 1300 130 372.

Penalties for illegally dumping waste include:




Illegally dump waste less than 2500L – individual



Illegally dump waste less than 2500L – corporation



Illegally dump waste greater than 2500L – individual



Illegally dump waste greater than 2500L – corporation



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