Paradise Lake crocodile captured – Townsville

Issued: 28 Jul 2022

Photo of the crocodile being caught by using a noose which is a direct capture method.Open larger image

The crocodile was caught by using a noose which is a direct capture method.

A crocodile that was recently observed basking near Townsville’s Mercure Resort has been captured by wildlife officers by slipping a noose over its snout.

Senior Wildlife Officer Tony Frisby said the 2.2m crocodile was reported to the department on 9 July 2022 after a member of the public saw it basking on the banks of Paradise Lake.

“Wildlife officers conducted an initial site assessment of the crocodile and its surroundings and based on its size and location, it was declared a problem crocodile and targeted for removal from the wild,” Mr Frisby said.

“Paradise Lake is located in an urban area and commercial area, with homes, shops and the Mercure Hotel nearby.

“The crocodile may have entered the lake from the nearby Ross Creek, and the lake is in Zone C, which is a targeted management zone under the Queensland Crocodile Management Plan.

This means that any crocodile greater than 2m in length in that area is targeted for removal.

“On the night of 25 July, wildlife officers were able to get close enough to the crocodile by boat to slip the noose over its snout using a long bamboo pole. They then removed the animal from the wild.

“Using a noose for direct capture takes a lot of stealth and skill as crocodiles are often spooked and sink when approached by a boat.”

Mr Frisby said the animal will now be placed in a crocodile farm in far north Queensland.

“I would like to thank the person who initially reported the crocodile and its location to the department through the QWildlife app,” he said.

“Members of the public are encouraged to report all crocodile sightings in the Townsville region as soon as possible, through the QWildlife app or by calling 1300 130 372.

“Every crocodile sighting report is investigated by wildlife officers, and estuarine crocodiles that pose a threat to human safety are targeted for removal under the Queensland Crocodile Management Plan.

“Remember, you are responsible for your own safety in Croc Country. Townsville in known Croc Country, just please remember to always be Crocwise when you are near the water.”

Crocwise tips for people in Townsville:

  • Expect crocodiles in ALL north Queensland waterways even if there is no warning sign
  • Obey all warning signs – they are there to keep you safe
  • Be aware crocs also swim in the ocean and be extra cautious around water at night
  • Stay well away from croc traps – that includes fishing and boating
  • The smaller the vessel the greater the risk, so avoid using canoes and kayaks
  • Stand back from the water’s edge when fishing and don’t wade in to retrieve a lure
  • Camp at least 50 metres from the edge of the water
  • Never leave food, fish scraps or bait near the water, camp sites or boat ramps
  • Never provoke, harass or feed crocs
  • Always supervise children near the water and keep pets on a lead

See further information on being Crocwise.