Glass House Mountain vandals search

Issued: 14 Jul 2022

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The use of illegal fireworks at the lookout is of serious concern to rangers.

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Removing graffiti can take hours.

The Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) is asking for public assistance to identify the people responsible for recent bouts of vandalism, including fireworks, at the Glass House Mountains lookout.

Acting Ranger in Charge Cheryl Thomson said the vandals recently broke into storerooms and damaged signs at the lookout after hours.

“These acts of vandalism are really frustrating for our dedicated rangers who love looking after the Glass House National Park and its visitors,” Ms Thomson said.

“With each incidence of vandalism, our rangers spend a significant amount of time repairing and cleaning up the lookout after each incident.

“Vandalism really is a senseless act, and it impacts on our facilities and can distress the rangers and visitors to the lookout.

“What is of real concern to rangers is the use of boxes of fireworks at the lookout, as this is a major fire risk and can frighten native wildlife.

“The vandals also stole cleaning supplies and removed electrical wiring from our storeroom, and they caused thousands of dollars of damage to our water infrastructure and the toilets.

“We have referred the latest incidence of vandalism and the use of fireworks to the Queensland Police Service, and anyone with information is urged to make contact.”

Recent Vandalism includes:

  • Defacing signage
  • Fireworks used and rubbish discarded
  • Broken locks on storeroom doors
  • Theft
  • Damage to electrical equipment and toilets
  • Obscene graffiti

Ms Thompson said rangers and local police will be increasing after hours patrols in the area to help prevent further vandalism.

“Vandals do not care about our facilities, the cost of repairs or the thousands of tourists from Australia and around the world who come to the lookout to enjoy the view,” she said.

“This vandalism is deliberate and destructive, and those involved really need to ask themselves why they are wilfully damaging places the community loves.

“When it comes to vandalism, someone always knows who it is, and anyone with information can make an anonymous call to QPWS on 1300 130 372 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.”