F-ery important croc safety news for barra season

Issued: 1 Feb 2022

Boaties are being reminded to heed the very important ‘croc wise’ safety messaging as barramundi season kicks off today around the state.

This time of year sees an increase in the number of anglers and boaties on the water hoping to catch some barramundi.

Manager of Southern Wildlife and Threatened Species Operations Frank Mills said it was vital boaties used a common sense approach on the water.

“When launching or retrieving your vessel, make sure your boat is your barrier,” Mr Mills said.

“Keep the boat between yourself and the water and face the water whenever possible, and make sure your arms and legs are inside the boat at all times.

“If you’re fishing on the water’s edge, make sure you’re at least five metres back to give yourself that extra buffer.

“An esky or tackle box is a good barrier to place between yourself and the water, and don’t try and retrieve a lure - it’s not worth it as people have been attacked while recovering a fishing lure.

“Avoid using small vessels such as kayaks and paddleboards as the smaller the vessel, the greater the risk.”

Mr Mills said to stay well away from crocodile traps and avoid fishing or boating in their vicinity, and never interfere with a trap.

“Crocodile traps are designed to attract hungry crocodiles and people who deliberately interfere with the operation of a trap could be fined more than $15,000,” he said.

“Do not leave your food and fish scraps lying around – dispose of them in a bin.

“Leaving scraps and bait near the water or at a boat ramp will attract crocodiles who will be lured by an easy meal, and this puts visitors to the area at risk.

“When fishing, tie off you cast net to your boat as this will prevent you from being pulled into the water.”

For more info see our Be Crocwise page.