Compost company fined

Issued: 17 Jun 2022

A Dalby composting business has been fined $13,785 for failing to install impervious barriers to help prevent harm to the surrounding environment.

An inspection by Department of Environment and Science (DES) officers found the facility did not have impervious barriers under their composting and waste storage areas as required by a condition of its environmental authority (EA).

The business developed a Transitional Environmental Program (TEP) to achieve compliance with their EA, which was approved by DES.

Under the conditions of the TEP, the business was required to commence works on an impervious barrier by 26 April 2022.

Following a recent compliance activity the department became aware that the business had not commenced the works.

DES issued the business with a $13,785 fine on 6 June 2022.

As the environmental regulator, DES takes compliance issues seriously. That’s why our departmental officers routinely conduct inspections to ensure businesses comply with their environmental obligations.

DES will take strong action, including court prosecutions, when compliance issues are identified.