Clean-up continues at Ipswich facility

Issued: 8 Apr 2022

The latest air quality monitoring samples analysed at Cleanaway New Chum landfill site have not identified the presence of air pollutants that could impact on human health.

The Department of Environment and Science (DES) is undertaking enhanced air monitoring at the site with samples taken by DES officers on Wednesday and Thursday. Further detailed analysis and sampling is planned over the coming days.

A full air quality report and all results will be made available to the public on the DES website of these sampling activities.

DES is continuing daily inspections at Cleanaway to ensure the company addresses odour issues at its New Chum landfill site to reduce the impacts to the local community.

The facility remains closed, and approximately 35ML of water remains on site.

Cleanaway are required to continue to reduce water levels, which will assist on-site water treatment to be more effective in reducing odour.

DES is ensuring disposal of the excess water is managed appropriately and is not being transferred to composting facilities in the Ipswich area.

Last week DES issued two directions notices to Cleanaway to begin transferring water offsite and to continue to treat water onsite to reduce odours.

The formal investigation by DES on the odour issues from the site remains ongoing.

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