Bowling Green Bay National Park rubbish investigation

Issued: 11 Jul 2022

QPWS is investigating after the rubbish was recently discovered.Open larger image

QPWS is investigating after the rubbish was recently discovered.

The roofing rubbish can pollute the environment, and anyone with information should call 1300 130 372Open larger image

The roofing rubbish can pollute the environment, and anyone with information should call 1300 130  372

Broken roofing tiles, discarded insulation and empty drink bottles can usually be found on a construction site, but rangers were disgusted to find them in the Bowling Green Bay National Park.

In late June, a member of the public contacted the Department of Environment and Science and notified the department about the dumped waste.

Senior Conservation Officer Craig Dunk said the person provided the location and the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) rangers then investigated the site.

“Someone has replaced a roof, including the insulation, and instead of taking the rubbish to a local tip, they have dumped it in the national park,” Mr Dunk said.

“People who do this have a complete disregard for the environment and they don’t care about visitors to our national parks or the rangers who have to deal with the waste.

“We are investigating the illegal dumping of this waste and are encouraging anyone with information to contact us by calling 1300 130 372.

“Someone may recognise the grey roofing tiles, or they may have seen a small truck carrying the waste in the local community.

“Our investigation indicates the rubbish may have been dumped by a small truck with dual wheels at the rear.”

Mr Dunk said the dumping of waste in national parks can contaminate the environment and construction waste can contain asbestos or other pollutants as well as screws and nails.

“Construction waste belongs at the tip, because it can injure people who visit the national park, harm our magnificent native animals and environment and it is a serious fire hazard,” he said.

“Dumping rubbish in a national park is disgraceful, and if our investigation identifies the person responsible, they will receive a fine.

“Fines for illegal dumping offences range from $2,300 for an individual up to $10,781 for a company, and they can be even higher if the matter is prosecuted in court.

Anyone with information about illegal dumping in the wider Townsville region is urged to contact the department’s 24 hour Pollution Hotline on 1300 130 372.

Photos are available from the media centre.