Update: Crocodile located, Lockhart River

Issued: 10 Aug 2021

Department of Environment and Environment (DES) wildlife officers have located and humanely euthanised the crocodile involved in the non-fatal attack on two men at Portland Roads, near Lockhart River.

The 2.5m crocodile was observed swimming in the vicinity of where the incident occurred last Friday and was easily identified by its highly aggressive behaviour when approached by boat.

DES deployed a range of resources to capture the animal, including a vessel, wildlife officers, drones, crocodile traps and baited snares.

We would like to thank the local community for their support and assistance in recent days, particularly the Lockhart River Aboriginal Shire Council and local SES team.

We would also remind people to be Crocwise in croc country and to report any sightings immediately through the QWildlife app.

Please visit the DES Media centre for video footage.