Oceanview Track reopening

Issued: 20 May 2021

The Oceanview walking track in Burleigh Head National Park is scheduled to be reopened on 21 May, 2021 after it was closed due to landslips following heavy rain in March.

Senior Ranger Jess Rosewell said the landslips occurred in late March, and the Oceanview Track had already been closed by rangers for safety reasons during the rain event.

“I’m pleased to say the Oceanview track is scheduled to be reopened Friday afternoon for people who want to walk and simply enjoy the beauty of the national park and take in the breathtaking views,” Ms Rosewell said.

“Contractors have worked extremely hard to clear mud and soil from parts of the track and repair handrails that were damaged by two landslips.

“Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) also contracted a geotechnical engineer to assess the landslips and the walking track, and provide advice on the repair works.

“Excavation of the mud and debris revealed two large boulders weighing up to 10 tonnes each.

“Those boulders were sitting on the edge of a small shelf of soil that would likely have been further eroded in another high rainfall event.

“The boulders were too large and heavy to physically move and required mechanical splitting by pneumatic drilling and using a hydraulic rock splitter.

“Another cluster of smaller boulders were also uncovered during the works and were also removed for safety reasons.”

Ms Rosewell said the Burleigh Head National Park is known for its panoramic views of the ocean and stunning sunrises.

“The 1.2 kilometre Oceanview track is very popular, with more than a million visitors taking to the track for exercise or for pleasure every year,” she said.

“The landslips were just east of the northern weather gate, and QPWS rangers thank the community for their patience during the repairs.”

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