Mt Isa waste operator fined for storing waste

Issued: 27 May 2021

The Department of Environment and Science (DES) has issued a $13,345 Penalty Infringement Notice (PIN) to a Mount Isa waste operator who was inappropriately storing liquid wastes.

DES compliance officers identified the inappropriate storage of waste during a routine compliance inspection of the premises in February 2021.

Wastes included contaminated water and waste oils which were stored outside, without secondary containment systems and on sloped and unstable earth surfaces.

Contaminated water and waste oils contain hazardous contaminants and are classified as regulated wastes.

Storing liquid wastes inappropriately increases the risk of a spill of hazardous contaminants to land, waters and groundwaters which could result in environmental harm.

The operator received the PIN for breaching of a condition in their Environmental Authority, which requires all liquid wastes larger than 15 litres be stored within a secondary containment system.

Inappropriate storage of waste poses an environment risk and as Queensland’s environmental regulator, we take strong action against those who do the wrong thing.

Community reports play a vital role in helping us identify and investigate environmental risks from the storage and stockpiling of waste.

To report an issue in your local area, phone the Pollution Hotline on 1300 130 372 (option 2).

Please visit the DES Media centre for photos.