Motorbike riders fined – when you ride you can’t hide

Issued: 23 Aug 2021

The Department of Environment and Science has fined two trailbike riders for a number of offences after intercepting them in the Wickham Timber Reserve at Yarrabilba.

Compliance Manager Mike Devery said the intercept and subsequent fines is a reminder for people to check where they can ride motorbikes.

“The men each received three fines totalling $963, including $413 for unauthorised riding in a timber reserve, $275 for unlicensed riding and $275 for unregistered vehicles,” Mr Devery said.

“We also seized their bikes until they could prove ownership, which took the men some time as they weren’t carrying adequate identification with them.

“It is illegal to ride trailbikes in many of Queensland’s national parks, state forests and timber reserves, and Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service rangers regularly conduct compliance patrols.

“Trailbikes can cause damage to the natural and cultural values of our protected areas or forests, particularly if riders go into sensitive areas or off-road.

Mr Devery said people can report the suspected unauthorised riding of trailbikes in national parks, state forests and forest reserves by calling 1300 130 372.

“This is a significant safety issue as well, as there is the potential for trailbike riders to injure themselves or collide with other park users or authorised vehicles in our protected area estate,” he said.

“I’d like to remind people who ride trailbikes in permitted areas that the normal road rules apply, and people must have a licence and their trailbikes must be fully registered.

“Rangers are authorised to enforce these type of road rules, along with driving without due care and attention and speeding, and can seize non-complying vehicles.

“When you ride, you can’t hide so make sure you check our park alerts page and only use areas where trailbike riding is permitted.”

Ride safely in permitted areas:

  • Riders must be licenced, and trailbikes must be fully registered
  • Normal road rules apply on roads in parks and forests
  • Signs may prohibit or regulate vehicle access on roads in parts of parks and forests
  • In State forests and timber reserves, if there is no sign indicating vehicle access is allowed, the road is not open for vehicle use
  • Other vehicles—including logging trucks, four-wheel drives, mountain bikes—and horse riders also use many of the roads in different parks and forests, so take care and respect other users
  • Off-road/off-track riding is not allowed
  • Motocross is not permitted in national parks and State forests or timber reserves
  • You are only required to obtain a permit if you are involved in an organised group activity, a competitive event or a commercial activity.

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