Landholder cleans up waste after direction notice

Issued: 26 Oct 2021

A Kilkivan landholder has removed unlawfully disposed construction and demolition waste from their property following an investigation by the Department of Environment and Science (DES).

DES compliance officers inspected the area, collected drone footage and determined that the waste had not been generated on the property.

The landholder advised that the material was construction and demolition waste which had been disposed of in a gully to prevent further erosion from occurring.

The landholder was issued with a direction notice requiring removal of the waste and disposal at a facility licensed to accept the waste.

The landholder was also issued with a $2,757 penalty infringement notice for the unlawful disposal of waste.

The landholder complied with the direction notice, removing all waste from the gully and disposing of it lawfully.

The landholder also used appropriate material including crushed rock, in place of the removed waste, to mitigate ongoing erosion in the gully.

As Queensland’s environmental regulator, DES takes environmental offences seriously. Members of the public can report any concerns through the department’s 24 hour Pollution Hotline on 1300 130 372 (option 2).

There is drone vision at this link: