Inskip camping numbers reduced

Issued: 5 Nov 2021

Camping numbers at Inskip Peninsula Recreation Area campgrounds have been reduced to mitigate the spread of gastro.

Queensland Health has today declared an outbreak of the illness at Inskip, and continues to work closely with Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service to reduce the risks and impacts on campers.

Sarawak and Sarawak West will be capped at 50 per cent and the remaining campgrounds reduced to 70 per cent as a precaution and mitigation efforts to help stop the spread of the illness.

Campers are being reminded to:

  • maintain safe physical distancing
  • maintain the highest standards of personal hygiene
  • wash hands frequently with soap and water particularly after toilet visits and before preparing food or eating
  • bring your own water supply, soap, hand sanitiser, and if possible, bring your own portable toilet
  • make sure you have a face mask at all times and wear it if you can’t maintain social distancing measures.

Extra rangers have been rostered on to provide additional campground services and advice where needed to ensure the health and wellbeing of campers.

Rangers and contract cleaners have been deep cleaning the amenities at Inskip in a two-step cleaning and disinfecting process, as per Queensland Health guidelines, to help minimise the risks of viral transmission.

Rangers will be increasing the frequency of cleaning as a further precaution and amenities will have increased soap and sanitising supplies, but the best advice is for campers is to bring their own and be self-sufficient.

We are keeping a close eye on the situation and are constantly reviewing the outbreak as information comes to hand.