Charters Towers flying fox roost dispersal

Issued: 7 Apr 2021

An innovative new approach will be used when flying foxes currently roosting at Lissner Park in Charters Towers are targeted for dispersal and relocation next week.

Based on technical advice from CSIRO, the Department of Environment and Science has constructed an artificial roost – on council-owned land at Young’s Block – that it is hoped will attract flying foxes to roost there into the future, once dispersal activities commence in the week beginning April 12, 2021.

Environmental contractor Ecosure has been engaged by the department to deliver the dispersal-relocation program.

Ecosure will also train Charters Towers Regional Council staff in roost-dispersal techniques so the dispersal work can continue after the initial Ecosure program is completed.

The dispersal activities are scheduled to take place subject to weather and environmental conditions.

The Ecosure program will seek to drive flying foxes from Lissner Park towards the artificial roost at Young’s Block, which has been established with new lawn, water features and lighting, to mimic a town parkland setting.

Council will be responsible for the ongoing maintenance of that site and ongoing dispersal activities.

A range of dispersal techniques will be used to drive the animals away from the park and to prevent them returning – including noise, smoke, and bright lights. This work will be carried out at various locations around Charters Towers and will generally take place between 4:00 AM and 7:00 AM.

Director of Northern Wildlife Operations Lindsay Delzoppo said it was important the community understood that the dispersal-relocation program would entail ongoing, early morning noise disturbances. Pet owners are urged to keep their animals inside during this time.

“Dispersals take time. This dispersal won’t succeed overnight, and could take several weeks, or even longer,” Mr Delzoppo said.

The department has worked closely with the Charters Towers Regional Council, CSIRO, and community representatives to take a science-based approach to reducing the nuisance impacts of flying foxes at Lissner Park.

“We are pleased to have worked with Council and the CSIRO to deliver this innovative approach to help solve this issue in Charters Towers, based on the best available scientific advice.”

Charters Towers residents are urged to contact the Lissner Park Dispersal Flying Fox Hotline on 0400 714 379 if any of the following are observed:

  • Flying foxes that are present on your property.
  • Flying foxes in unsuitable locations including backyards, schools, health or aged care facilities, the airport and paddocks.
  • A flying fox that may be injured.
  • Any significant disturbances or issues caused by the dispersal activities.

Visit Charters Towers flying-fox roost at Young’s Block for more information.