13 penalty infringement notices issued at Teewah

Issued: 10 Dec 2021

The Department of Environment and Science (DES) is disappointed with the behaviour of some visitors to Teewah after 13 penalty infringement notices (PINS) were issued for various offences at the weekend.

Compliance Manager Mike Devery said five DES officers were on patrol, and while the majority of visitors and campers were well behaved, several incidents of poor and dangerous behaviour stood out.

“One driver was observed purposefully swerving a four-wheel-drive up and down the beach then turning to drive up a vegetated dune at speed,” Mr Devery said.

“The vehicle damaged the vegetation on the dune and became bogged.

“The driver was directed to carefully un-bog the vehicle then rebuild the impacted section of the dune and issued with two $275 PINs for allegedly driving without due care and attention and driving on a vegetated dune. This behaviour damages these areas and significantly impacts the world heritage and national park values of this amazing place.

“A number of drivers were observed to be not wearing a seatbelt when beach driving, and are now dealing with a fine of $275 each.

We have recent examples of rollovers and other accidents, where people have been thrown from the vehicle and suffered serious injuries or have been killed.”

“Doing donuts on the beach and other reckless driving behaviour is putting drivers and their passengers at risk, especially if people are not wearing seatbelts.”

Mr Devery said other offences including people camping without permits or not having a vehicle access permit, with one group of campers falling asleep while leaving an unlawful campfire unattended.

“At approximately 11.00pm on Saturday night, about 40 or 50 young people were detected having a party in a camping area, which included strobe lighting, extremely loud music and excessive alcohol,” he said.

“The group was directed to turn off the music and immediately clean up the numerous cans, bottles and other litter strewn over the area.

“Other nearby campers commended the rangers for addressing the behaviours and keeping the peace.

“Teewah is one of the most popular camping areas in Queensland, and visitors need to respect the rules, respect fellow campers and respect the environment.

“It is time to change behaviours at Teewah, so everyone stays safe, and families can peacefully enjoy their camping experience.”

Through the course of the patrols, the following incidents of alleged unlawful behaviour were observed and PINs were issued.

  • 3 x $275 PINs for drive without due care and attention
  • 3 x $275 PINs for driver not wearing seatbelt
  • 1 x $275 PINs for passenger not wearing seatbelt
  • 1 x $689 PIN for unauthorised fire
  • 1 x $275 PIN for drive on vegetated dune
  • 1 x $206 PIN for no Vehicle Access Permit
  • 2 x $275 PINs for unlicensed driver
  • 1 x $137 PIN unauthorised keep of dog in a national park
  • 1 x direction to leave for unauthorised camping