$4400 fine for unlawfully taking native frogs

Issued: 10 Mar 2021

A Gold Coast man has been fined $4401 following an investigation into the illegal take and sale of native frogs online.

Wildlife officers finalised an investigation after a man unlawfully took native frogs from his backyard and then sold them on Gumtree in January, 2021.

Officers were notified after Australia Post staff on the Gold Coast became suspicious about a number of packages lodged with them.

The frogs were removed from the man’s residence along with those that were purchased from him.

As a result, he received three Penalty Infringement Notices (PINs) totalling $4401.

The native frogs have since been released back into the wild at a suitable location close to where they were taken from.

Wildlife Program Manager Warren Christensen said it is an offence to remove frogs from the wild, even if it is from the backyard of a residential address, and then attempt to unlawfully sell them.

“It is illegal to take or keep native animals from the wild, however, with the appropriate wildlife authority, it’s possible to keep a native animal bought from a registered seller.

“If people want to keep native animals, they must be sourced from a person or business who has permits to keep the animal, along with movement permits to prove the origins of the animal.

“Taking a native animal from the wild is illegal and can have a detrimental impact on local populations.”

If anyone has any information about the illegal take, keep or trade of wildlife, they should call DES on 1300 130 372 or their local police.

View photos of the frogs being released back into the wild.

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