Saltwater crocodile seized in Brisbane

Issued: 2 Jul 2020

Image of crocodile seized from Chermside.

Crocodile seized from Chermside.

Image of crocodile after rescue.

Crocodile after rescue.

Wildlife officers have seized a young crocodile in suburban Brisbane.

The juvenile estuarine (saltwater) crocodile was found about 80 metres from a creek in 7th Brigade Park on the corner of Newman Road and Delaware Street in Chermside today.

It is believed the animal may have been wild caught before being transported to Queensland.

Transporting wild animals – and in this case a dangerous one – is completely unacceptable.

Apart from being very cruel, doing so can cause serious issues such as transmission of disease and introducing them into unsuitable habitat.

The young crocodile is currently only 40 centimetres long, but if it had grown to full size, it would have posed a danger to the public.

The dehydrated and distressed animal has now been transported to the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service facility at Moggill and is in a pond to recover from its ordeal.

But there’s a happy ending for this young crocodile who will now receive the best of care and be rehomed in one of the Queensland Government wildlife centres in south east Queensland.

If anyone has information as to how this animal was brought to Brisbane, the department is urging them to come forward by calling 1300 130 372.