QPWS blitz nets $2900 in fines

Issued: 28 Jul 2020

Almost $3000 in fines were issued when QPWS officers conducted a one-day blitz on illegal activities in the Lockyer Valley national parks and state forests earlier this month.

On July 11, QPWS rangers established static interception sites, conducted vehicles searches, and carried out patrols, issuing 11 on-the-spot fines totalling $2,926 for a range of offences associated with the unlawful operation of a vehicle.

Educational activities were also conducted with 15 riders of unregistered motorcycles stopped and advised of their legal responsibilities.

Among those fined, two local men were each given on-the-spot fines totalling $532 for allegedly driving their 4WDs and damaging roads in Gatton National Park.

QPWS rangers target illegal activities in national parks and state forests through regular patrols and joint operations with police and other agencies.

Only registered vehicles, with required driver’s licence, can travel through national parks and state forests.

In state forests visitors can only drive on the formed roads and tracks where a regulatory notice permits it.

In national parks you can drive on a formed road or track unless a regulatory notice or barrier prevents it.

Intentionally damaging roads with vehicles in national park and state forest areas is not acceptable and will be the focus of future targeted compliance operations in the area.