National Park visitors asked to consider severe weather

Issued: 11 Dec 2020

Plans to visit National Parks in south-east Queensland should be reconsidered due to severe weather developing over the weekend.

Advice from the Bureau of Meteorology is that heavy rain and strong winds are expected over large parts of the south-east due to a low-pressure system.

For this reason, visiting National Parks in this area is not recommended.

This weather can cause dangerous conditions such as flash flooding and tree falls.

Walking, hiking, or mountain or trailbike riding could be extremely dangerous and cause significant injury or death.

There are significant risks to visitors from creeks running high and fast with the swift onset of flash flooding or from a tree fall.

It is also very easy to fall during wet weather and it may be too difficult for emergency crews to reach someone in severe weather conditions.

National Parks may be closed at short notice.

Visitors should visit Park alerts or follow @QldParkAlerts on Twitter to keep up-to-date on conditions.