K’gari wildfire

Issued: 15 Oct 2020

Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) rangers are closely monitoring a fire burning on the northern end of K’gari (Fraser Island).

The fire is currently burning within a remote section of swamp between Ngkala Rocks and Orange Creek.

While there is no immediate risk to property or life, rangers have moved campers out of the Duling and Ocean Lake beach camping zones as a precaution.

As the fire is burning within swampy country, it is putting out a lot of smoke. Visibility and air quality on the island will be impacted as a result.

Early indications suggest the fire was started after an illegal campfire was not extinguished properly.

Since Covid-19 restrictions were lifted, the number of campers visiting K’gari has increased significantly.

As the weather warms up, even more people are expected to camp in our national parks and forests, so it is more important than ever that people do the right thing.

Campfires are not permitted outside of designated fireplaces on K’gari specifically to reduce the risk of events like this occurring.

Campers should monitor and adhere to campfire restrictions which can vary from park to park, and throughout the year.

It is critical as the year gets hotter and drier that campers remain vigilant when managing and extinguishing campfires.

Where allowed, campfires should be small and well-contained and tents and other camping gear should be set up at least three metres away from the fire.

Before leaving the campsite, the fire should be completely extinguished with water, not sand, to avoid new blazes and to reduce the risk of someone walking over hot embers.

Some national parks and forests allow certain types of fires – some allow open fires while others require fires to be lit in supplied fire rings or fireplaces – and some areas prohibit campfires all year round.

It is also important that campers are aware of any fire bans that may be in place during periods of high fire danger.

More tips on being campfire safe are available.