K’gari fire update (Sunday)

Issued: 15 Nov 2020

A fire that started on 14 October 2020 on K’gari (Fraser Island) is continuing to burn in bushland.

This fire has been burning in remote and largely inaccessible parts of the island. Fire is a natural part of the bush landscape and, for the most part, this fire has been burning at an acceptable intensity.

QPWS is monitoring the fire and has crews on site. It is currently not a threat to life or property and it has not damaged any infrastructure.

The fire is moving in a south-southwest direction and is moving slowly. It is currently 1.2km north of Cathedrals.

As a precaution, campers at Cathedrals campground and Pippies Backpackers were asked to relocate.

Planning is underway to commence backburning around Cathedral Beach.

QPWS has aerial support (water bombing) on standby, if required.

The majority of the island, including popular visitor sites, remains open. The impact on visitors, beyond smoke and visibility issues, is minimal. Some sites previously closed have already reopened.

Smoke will impact townships and campsites along the island’s eastern beach over the coming days. Beach drivers should exercise caution when traversing the eastern beach.

Smoke is visible from the mainland, particularly in communities and towns to the south, including Rainbow Beach, however, this will change when the wind direction changes.

Visitors to the island should monitor Park Alerts and Queensland Fire and Emergency Service advice over the coming days.

QPWS rangers are preparing firelines around the townships of Happy Valley and Cathedrals.

Early indications suggest the fire was started after an illegal campfire was not extinguished properly.

The fire has burnt as far north as Rooney’s Point and nearly as far south as Dundubara Campground (currently closed to the public). This is a distance of 40 kilometers as the crow flies.

A QPWS Incident Management Team is actively managing the situation and has the necessary trained fire personnel and fire equipment at its disposal. This includes multiple crews on the ground each day.

A person who fails to extinguish a campfire properly can face fines of up to $22,019.

There are a number of campgrounds that have been closed due to the fire activity.

The following national park camping areas and roads are temporarily closed:

  • Bowal, Awinya, Bowarrady and Woralie camping areas;
  • Beach Camping Zones 6 (Eugarie, Yurru, Guruman) and 7 (Wyuna and Burad);
  • Dundubara camping area;
  • Awinya and Platypus Bay Roads;
  • Wungul / Bowarrady walking tracks; and
  • Western beach between Woralie Road and Towoi Creek

All camping permits for closed areas are being transferred to alternative camping areas wherever practical.

The following is a list of reopened camping areas and tracks:

  • Wathumba camping area;
  • Beach Camping Zone 8 (Duling, Ocean Lake and Marloo); and
  • Wathumba Road.

Reminder visitors to the island should check the park alerts page for the latest status of open and closed campgrounds and roads.

See park alerts for more information.