Go slow for those below

Issued: 6 Jul 2020

Boaties are being reminded to ‘go slow for those below’ after six turtles died last month due to boat strikes or propeller cuts in Moreton Bay.

The Department of Environment and Science (DES) is concerned with these deaths and believes the tally could be higher as not every incident is reported.

Four turtles recently killed by boats or propellers have been adult-sized.

With school holidays in full swing, DES is expecting to see an increased amount of traffic on our waterways and is encouraging boaties to reduce their speed in estuaries, sandy straits, shallow inshore areas and reef flats, and avoid shallow seagrass meadows if possible.

Skippers travelling through “go slow” areas must operate their boats ‘off the plane’, and cannot operate boats in a manner or at a speed that would reasonably be expected to result in striking a turtle or dugong.

Turtles and dugongs are at risk of being injured or killed when they come to the surface for air.

QPWS rangers regularly patrol Go Slow areas and boaties doing the wrong thing in a go-slow area can receive an on-the-spot fine of $533.

Anyone who comes across injured, stranded or dead marine wildlife should report it by calling 1300 130 372.

There are designated go-slow areas in some marine parks – details are in the marine parks visitor guides and zoning plans available on the Queensland Government website.

Examples of permanent go-slow areas include Double Island Point in Great Sandy Marine Park, and Amity Banks in Moreton Bay Marine Park.